Gut Health Is Mental Health

Posted by Happy Trails on Jan 16th 2024

Gut Health Is Mental Health

Gut Health Is Mental Health

Cannabinoids likeCBGandCBDoffer anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties that are influential in maintaining a healthy gut. Gastroenterologists continuallyresearchthe link between gut health and mental health and find a strong correlation between the two. When our bodies succumb to stress or we eat poorly, we subsequently feel poorly. Researchers refer to the connection between your gut and mental health as the “microbiome- brain-gut-axis”.

CBG and Gut Health

Studiesinvolving CBG have found benefits in gut health by reducing inflammation and also mitigating depression. Afull-spectrum high CBG formulaoffers the ability to either treat a flare up in the moment or maintain a user’s digestive motility. When we look at full spectrum products as a preventative measure it is inspiring to read about the anti- proliferative (anti-tumor)effectsof CBG. “In vivo, CBG inhibited the growth of xenograft tumors as well as chemically induced colon carcinogenesis”. Given theprevalenceof colon cancer in the United States, Cannabinoid therapy is part of cancer treatment now and will continue to be.

The Value of a Full Spectrum Product

Thevalueof THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and a richterpeneprofile in completing theentourage effectcannot be understated. THC provides pain relief and is mood lifting for many users. THC also works as a catalyst to provide additional aid to the anti-inflammatory effects of CBG and CBD. Terpenes and cannabinoids work together to uplift mood, regulate our nervous system’s response to pain, and to negate stress that may arise.

The Therapeutic Effects of Added Terpenes

These compounds appear in nature in abundance. There are more than 40,000 different terpenoid compounds found in nature. Have you ever noticed an overwhelming sense of calm while walking through a forest? That’s not just coincidence. The most abundant terpene in nature “Pinene” is rich in trees and many other flora. Pinene is known for providing relief from anxiety. The cannabis genome produces just over 400 different terpenes. Terpenes along with cannabinoids are being researched heavily for their therapeutic effects.

Crohn’s and IBD patients benefit from cannabis strains potent in a terpene called “Limonene”.Limoneneis responsible for all the wonderful lemony, sour, and lime flavor profiles we find in nature. It has immunosuppressant effects that are key in managing inflammation. Limonene provides an uplifting effect in users which plays a key role in managing depression. Just think of the sensation you feel when you inhale the citrusy scent of fresh lemons.

Whole Plant Therapy

At Happy Trails, we are finding new ways of unlocking the potential of whole plant therapy. Whole plant to us means more than just CBD. We strive to optimize all of the compounds in our product formulas. The functionality of our body’s ECS (Endocannabinoid System) can be influenced by the combination of various terpenes and cannabinoids. The cannabis industry inspires us to continue to find innovative ways to maintain our health safely. Thankfully the variety ofproductsavailable makes finding a solution easier for you.

We understand cannabinoid therapy in depth because it’s what we do. We desire to educate; so that as a consumer, you can invest in products that will work. At the end of your journey, we hope to celebrate healing with you!

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