Live Resin Delta 8 Disposable (3ml) - URB

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Product Overview


URB's Live Resin Delta 8 Disposable is designed with an attractive and streamlined form, to show off the oil inside. It also has solid interior components that keeps it working for as long as you need. This device has a signature Urb leaf button with both preheat and variable voltage settings for a customizable user experience. The updated ceramic coil is also larger in size and has increased porosity translating to better flavor and smoother hits all the way through.

  • Kiwi Berry Kush (Sativa): The classically sweet with notes of berry and sour kiwi make this strain a popular go-to.
  • Pineapple Cookies (Hybrid): The unique combination of bright pineapple and buttery vanilla will bring you to a flavor oasis.
  • Gremlin Glue (Sativa): The flavorful combination of plum, pear and chestnut in Gremlin Glue creates a delightful aroma & taste.
  • Northern Lights (Indica): This spicy, herbal and sweet Northern Lights blend is perfect for any earthy craving.
Tips for the Best Experience:
  • Don’t leave disposables in a hot car or hot weather
  • Don’t leave in direct sunlight
  • Store your disposables in an upright position
  • Don’t use the preheat setting multiple times

Live Resin Delta 8 Disposable FAQ's:

What do I do if my device clogs?

First, use the preheat setting and blow through the charging port on the bottom to clear the airway.Next, pull on the device while pre heating untill the device is clear.

What is the recommended setting?

We recommend the lowest temperature setting (Red) for the best results. Higher settings will get larger puffs.

What should I use to charge my disposable?

Charge this device with a Micro-USB 2, NOT INCLUDED**


(No reviews yet) Write a Review