Flavored Mini Rolls (2 pack) - King Palm

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 King Palm Flavored Mini Rolls are a classic way to enjoy to your flower. Enjoy a 2-pack (1g each) of these mini rolls. These cones contain King Palm's classic "Squeeze & Pop" technology. Simply squeeze the filter tip untill you pop the terpene-filled flavor capsule. Then, enjoy every flavorful puff.

Recommended to use a dry, chunky herb for packing.


  • Fruit Passion: notes of cherry, fruits, berries, and all things sweet
  • Magic Mint: a classic minty fresh flavor profile
  • Berry Terps: a milky puff with notes of ripe blueberries
  • Margarita: a fruity flavor reminiscent of a classic margarita
  • Banana Cream: a rich, delectable taste that is just like sweet & creamy banana desserts
  • Watermelon Wave: a juicy, sweet wrap that will transport you back to summer


(No reviews yet) Write a Review