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Product Overview


Colorado Hemp Honey's CBD Honey Sticks are made with pure, raw honey. These delicous treats are perfect for travel, hiking, camping, or strenuous exercise...just put one in your lunch to take the edge off a busy day! Honey is also the world’s most unique and efficient carrier for hemp extract - and these BPA-free sticks are portable and easy to use.CBD

Honey Sticks are available in 1 option!
  • Raw Relief (15mg full spectrum hemp extract)

The Power of Nature

Harness the power of pure, raw honey to deliver full-spectrum hemp with naturally occurring CBD, terpenes, and other phytonutrients.

Suggested Use

Serving Size: 1 CBD Honey Stick  |  15mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

Start with one serving and wait 30 minutes before consuming another serving to gauge how your body metabolizes the cannabinoids.


Raw Relief Ingredients: Raw Wildflower Honey and 15mg Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract


(No reviews yet) Write a Review